Boiler and their types (fire tube boiler and water tube boiler)

What is ment by boiler?

A boiler is a closed vessel which is used to convert the water into high pressure steam. The high pressure steam so generated is used to generate power.

There are two general types of boilers:

fire-tube boiler and water-tube boiler

Different types of fire tube boilers:

                 In fire tube boilers, hot gases pass through tubes which are surrounded with water. 

2) Lancashire boiler 3) Locomotive boiler

1) Cochran boiler

Different types of water tube boilers:

             In water tube boilers, water circulates through a large number of tubes and hot gases pass around them.
1) babcock & Wilcox boiler

According to the axis of the shell:

1) vertical boilers
2) horizontal boilers

According to location or position of the furnace:

1) Externally fired boilers
2) internally fired boilers

According to the application:

1) stationery boilers

According to steam pressure:

1) low pressure boilers
2) medium pressure boilers
3) high pressure boilers

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