Construction and working of Cornish boiler with main parts of it.

Cornish boiler:

           Cornish Boiler is a fire tube boiler. It was first adapted by Richard Trevithick’s and, first installed at Dolcoath mine in the year of 1812. This boiler has a long horizontal cylinder with a single large flue containing the fire. This Cornish boiler consist of shell, tubes, flues, chimney, stop valve, safety valve, blow of cock, grate, ash pit.


1) Shell
2) Grate
3) Furnace
4) Combustion chamber
5) Chimney
6) Water level indicator


1) It has the long shell
2) It consists of only one tube in it.
3) It also  consists of the grate where the heat is produced in it.
4) When the heat is developed and transferring through tubes there is a possibility of ash entering into tubes to prevent this brick arc are present.
5) Water is supplied  to it by the help of the feed pump.
6) In this type of boiler there is a safety valve to prevent the high pressure in the boiler, this removes the excess pressure in it.

Working of the Cornish Boiler:

1) In the Cornish boiler coal start to burn inside the furnace and generated flue gases.
2) Flue gases passes through the internal flue tube. As we know this boiler has only one internal flue tube.
3) This flue gases also passes through the main flue tube to side and bottom flue tubes.
4) Because of this way water around flue tube become heated and generate steam.
5) When steam is generate inside the boiler it goes through the engine by the priming pipe.
6) After that flue gases pass out through the chimney. 

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