Construction and working of La-mont Boiler with working principle

La-Mont Boiler :-
Steam Generating Capacity:
45 to 50 tones/hour
 120 atm. Temp 500 °C.

Working principle of La-mont Boiler :

           This boiler works on basic principle of forced circulation maintained by steam driven centrifugal pump.
           If the water is circulate by a pump inside the tube, the heat transfer rate from gas to the water is increase.

Various part of La-mont boiler :

1) Economizer.
2) Centrifugal pump.
3) Evaporator tube.
4) Grate.
5) Furnace.
6) Super heater.
7) Water steam separator drum.
8) Air Preheater.

Working of La-mont Boiler :

  1. A feed pump forces the water into the economizer where the temperature of water is increases. 
  2. This water forced into the evaporator tube by using centrifugal pump driven by steam turbine. Water passes 10-15 times into the evaporator tube. 
  3. The mixture of saturated steam and water is formed inside the tube.
  4. This mixture sends to the steam separator drum which is outside the boiler. 
  5. Steam from the separator sends to the economizer where the saturated steam is converts into superheated steam. 
  6. The water again sends to the economizer where it again passes by the evaporator tubes. 
  7. The air from the air preheater enter into the furnace where fuel burn.
  8.  The flue gases first heat the evaporator tube then passes by the super heater. 
  9. These gases from the super heater again use to preheat the air into air preheater before exhaust into atmosphere.

Advantages of La-mont Boiler :
  1. High Pressure Boiler.
  2. Flexible in design.
  3. Easily start.
  4. Higher heat transfer rate.
  5. Reassemble in natural circulation.

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